English Job Question(part 1)

English Job Question
job preparation

1.  Choose the correct sentence:

     a. I know that does he want?

     b. I know that does he wants?

     c. I know what does he wants?

    d. I know that he wants

2. Which is the correct use of gerund?

    a. I saw the girl dancing

    b. I am dancing on the floor

    c. Dancing is a good exercise

    d. The girl came here dancing

3. The correctly spelt word is—

    a. Millennium         b. Milennium

    c. Milenium             d. Millinium

4. Which one is the correct sentence?

    a. He is comparatively better today

    b. He is good today than before

    c. He is better today

    d. He is best today than yesterday

5. The word ‘Homely’ is—

    a. Noun   b. Adverb   c. Verb    d. Adjective

6. What you (do ) at the moment?   The correct form of verb is-

    a. do you do         b. doing

    c. are you doing   d. have done

7. Choose the correct answer:

    a. He gave me good- bye

    b. He bade me good-bye

    c. He told me good-bye

    d. He wished me good-bye

8. The word ‘adulteration’ can be best explained as-

    a. to mix something intensely

    b. to use unusual methods

    c. to make impure by adding inferior ingredients

    d. to mix poison

9. It is high time we ( change) our food habit. Here the correct form of verb is-

    a. changed                            b. have changed

    c. should have changed     d. should change

10. Five liters of milk is contained—— the pot.

      a. in           b. by          c. to            d. on

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট ১) English-job-question part-1

11. I could not go —–  the examination due to rain.

       a. in     b. by      c. to       d. for

12. The phrase ‘at loggerheads’ means—

      a. very close                     b. belligerent

      c. quarreling                    d. distant relation

13. Hurry spoils——-

      a. the work          b. the curry

      c. to tarry            d. and scary

14. ———– water of this lake is pure.

      a. a                b. an on the

      c. the            d. co article

15. I wanted the poster to——

      a. hang                       b. to be hanged

      c. to be hunged         d. to be hung

16. “ Leave no stone unturned” means-

      a. heavy stone         b. impossible

      c. rare stone             d. try every possible means

17. Would you mind——–me a cup of tea?

      a. Not available      b. Behind

      c. Front                     d. Available

18. What is the antonym id ‘rear’?

      a. Not available        b. Behind

      c. Front                        d. Available

19. ছেলেটি আমার কাছে কাঁদতে কাঁদতে আমার কাছে এল

      a. The boy came to me crying.

      b. The boy came near me crying.

      c. The boy came to me in crying.

      d. The boy came to me by crying

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট ১) English-job-question part-1

20. Had I riche, I —– (help) you.

      a. would helped       b. would have help

      c. had helped           d. will help

21. What is the appropriate meaning of ‘Achiles’ hell’?

      a. Important issue       b. Turning point

      c. Vulnerable                d. Main point

22. লেবু কচলালে তেতো হয়—– the best translation is—

      a. The lemon becomes bitter if it is rubbed.

      b. A jest driven hard, loses its points.

      c. A hungry fox is an angry fox.

      d. Don’t try to do anything again  and again

23. Which one below is a correct sentence?

      a. They have seen me yesterday

      b. I like his childlike simplicity

      c. It is I who is to blam

      d. The gitl resembles to her mother

24. At the scene, —– mother arose in her.

      a.  a     b. the      c. a or the      d. no article

25. What is the verb form of the word ‘friend’?

     a. friend                b. friended

      c. Friending         d. befriend

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