English Job Question(part 2)

job preparation

1. He tried hs best (negative)

     a. He did not try a little

     b. He did not stay unmoved

     c. He left no stone upturned

     d. He did not turn all stones

2. She is used to – the poor.

     a. help        b. helped

     c. helping  d. to help

 3. Which is the noun of the word ‘biref’?

       a. briefly   b. brevity  c. brieve  d. but

4. It was high time we —- our habits.

     a. changed               b. change 

      c. had changed  d. should change

5. Curd is made —— mil.

      a. of         b. by        c. in      d. form

6. The Headmaster and the Pressident of the school —– Present in the last meeting.

     a. was                 b. were

     c. had been    d. have been

7. If he ——  a human being, he would not have done this

     a. is        b. was       c. had been   d. were

8. The antonym of the word ‘beingn’ is —-

     a. tenfold    b. peaceful

    c. blesed      d. malignant

9. Do not —— what you can do taday.

       a. put on             b. put to

      c. put off                d. put left

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট 2) English-job-question part-2

10. They tell us a tale about a tail. The word ‘ tale’ is—-

        a. noun           b. verb 

        c. adjective  d. adverb

11. Move or die ( simple)

      a. In case of your failure to move, you will die.

      b. You move, you will die.

      c. If you move, you will die

      d. Move and die

12. Which one is correct?

      a. Omnious       b. Extencion

      c. Hesitasion   d. Mischievous

13. The opposite word of ‘sluggish’ is —–

      a. animated   b. dull

      c. havey          d. slow

14. I saw him play. ( passive)

       a. He was seen by me play

       b. Play was seen him by me

      c. He was seen playing by me

      d. He was ween to play by me

15. ‘Boot leg’ means to——-

       a. distribute        b. export

      c. import                d. smuggle

16. While I (play) in the field. I saw a dead cow.

       a. playing      b. was playing

      c. played        d. were playing

17. But for your help I ——

      a. would have failed     b. would failed

      c. will fail                              d. will have failed

18. Choose the correct sentence:

      a. He had been hanged for murder

      b. He has been hunged for murder

      c. He was hanged for murder

      d. He was hunged for murder

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট 2) English-job-question part-2

19. I went there to seek a job. (compound)

      a. I went there and seeked a job

      b. I went there so that I could seek a job

      c. I went there for seeking a job

      d. I went there and sought a job

20. Instead of ‘confirm’ we can say—

       a. bear out      b. bear on

      c. bear to           d. bear of

21. What is the antonym of ‘ abductj’?

      a. Take away unlawfully    b. Kidnap

      c. Restore                         d. None of them

22. The father with his seven daughters——left the house.

       a. have      b. are      c. has       d. was

23. She has no test —–music.

      a. of         b. for        c. to        d. in

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট 2) English-job-question part-2

24. কতৃপক্ষ তাকে তিরস্কার করল।

      a. The authority criticized him

      b. The authority took him

      c. The authority took him to task

      d. The authority gave reins to him

25. সে নদীর ধারে একটি কুটিরে বাস করে।

      a. He lived a hut close with river.

      b. He lived in a hut close at the river

      c. He lived in a hut close to the river

      d. He lived in a hut close by the river



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