English Job Question(part 3)

English Job Question

1. মানব জাতি এখন সংকটারপন্ন।

    a. Mankind are at a stake now.

    b. Mankind are at stake now.

    c. Mankind is at stake now.

    d. Men are at stake now.

2. তার কোনো বন্ধু নেই বললেই চলে।

    a. He has no friends.

    b. He has a few friends.

    c. He has few friends.

    d. He does not have any friends.

3. বিনয় মহত্তের ভুসণ।

    a. Modesty is the embellishment of greatness

    b. Modesty is greatness.

    c. modesty is great embllishment.

    d. Modesty is embellishment.

4. What is the antonym of ‘agile’?

    a. active     b.  nimble   c. lively   d. lazy 

5. The antonym of ‘optimism’ is –

    a. Pessimism       b. Opportunities

    c. Pestilence        d. Opulence

6. What is the synonym of ‘alliance’?

    a. Enmity          b. Alien

    c. Association    d. Separation

7. The synonym of ‘annihilate’ is—

    a. restore       b. preserve

    c. safe            d. destroy

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট ৩) English-job-question part-3

8. Verb form of ‘false’ is—

    a. falsify              b. falsely

    c. falsification     d. falcify

9. Adverb form of ‘heart’ is —

    a. heartened         b. heartily

    c. hearty               d. heartening

10. Adjective form of ‘courage’ is—

     a. encourage      b. courageous

     c. curiosity          d. courageable

11. What is the verb form of ‘ability’?

     a. ableness           b. enable

     c. ably                  d. able

12. It’s was time you —- your mistakes.

     a. realized    b. realize

     c. had realized   d. have realized

13. Jamal walks as if he —- lame.

     a. is    b. has been   c. were    d. was

14. Uneasy lies the head that —– a crown.

     a. wear   b. wears    c. puts   d. keep

15. Read diligently lest you —- fail in the examination.

     a. should     b. will     c. shall     d. must

16. He —– me while I was reading.

     a. interrupts           b. interrupted

     c. is interrupting    d. interrupting

17. Corruption is one of the worst evils. (positive)

     a. Very few evils is as bad as corruption

     b. No other evils are as bad as corruption.

     c. No other evil is as bad as corruption.

     d. Very few evils are as bad as corruption.

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট ৩) English-job-question part-3

18. We should read books to gain knowledge . ( Make it complex)

     a. we should read books for gaining knowledge .

     b. we should read books and gain knowledge.

     c. we should read books so that we can gain knowledge.

     d. we want to gain knowledge and so we should read books.

19. ‘Please’ keep quiet. ( Make it passive)

     a. You are told for keeping quite.

     b. You are requested to keep quite.

     c. You are requested for keep quite.

     d. You are told to keep quite.

20. Trees are considered one of our best friends. (Make it active)

     a. It is tree which is our best friend.

     b. Trees are our best friends.

     c. We considered trees of our best friends.

     d. We consider trees one of our best friend.

21. Cricket is a very exciting game. ( Make it  Exclamatory)

     a. Hurrah! Cricket is an exciting game.

     b. How exciting game is cricket!

     c. How exciting is cricket when it plays!

     d. What an exciting game cricket is!

22. The word ‘Banish’ means—

      a. exile                b. emerge

      c. drive away      d. expel

প্রাইমারি চাকুরী পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজী (পার্ট ৩) English-job-question part-3

23. ‘ a cook and bull story’ means—

      a. an animal story

      b. a story about a cock and a bull

      c. a tragedy

      d. a false story

24. ‘Big bug’ means—

      a. terrorist                    b. a large bug

      c. important person    d. a large insect

25. ‘At a stretch’ means—

      a. without break        b. stretch mark

      c. long away              d. decay



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